Clan MacLeod of Greater Vancouver

Clan MacLeod of Greater Vancouver
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Monday, February 6, 2012

North American Gathering and Other Upcoming Events

Hello all,
If you have an e-mail listed in the ACMS Clan MacLeod magazine you are receiving this e-mail. For many it will be a repeat from me yesterday so I'll apologize up front.
Attached is the 2012 NAG schedule of events which is posted on NAG website. I've also attached the NAG flyer and registration form previously posted on the NAG website.
Please pass onto your members and promote in your respective regions. Post elsewhere (“everywhere”) as needed. The 2012 NAG registrations received and hotel bookings are rising…but slow. Let's all get the "word" out again soonest….and often!
Please let all know that one would be hard pressed to find a more readily accessible and more entertaining location in North America during the Summer season than Alexandria, Virginia….and at a reasonable cost. The 2012 NAG program of scheduled events coupled with the Crowne Plaza Hotel accommodations is the least expensive NAG in 16-years!
Clan MacLeod Society USA mid-Atlantic region is looking forward to hosting the 2012 NAG but more importantly looking forward to seeing you…and your friends! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!
Best Regards,
Stephen MacLeod, mid-Atlantic RVP
Cell/ (703) 725-2679
Home/(703) 260-2436

March 4, 2012 Michael Flatley is in Kamloops and dinner for those interested before his show let me know. 250-378-5115

March 10, 2012 Merritt St. Patrick’s fund raiser for Interior MacLeods at 2058 Granite Avenue $15 Merritt tickets 250-378-5115

March 18, 2012 Port Canaveral MacLeod cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines meet in the library Mar 19, 2012 9:00 am phone 1-250-378-5115

June 28, 2012 North American Gathering at Alexandria near Wasington D.C. check the MacLeod website for info

August 17,2012 Chocolate and Wine Festival in Merritt for McLeods (and others of course) behind Dr. McLeod’s office in Merritt 250-378-5115

Canadian Highland Games almost all summer weekends in Canada BC games Coquitlam, Victoria, Kamloops, Glengarry, Fergus, Montreal etc

We want to bring Penny DeGraff’s Gaelic singing and music back to Merritt soon from Seattle

And much more as the clan mobilizes to keep the spirit alive of our heritage.

Sincerely, Dr. Don McLeod (Merritt Holding Fast)

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