Clan MacLeod of Greater Vancouver

Clan MacLeod of Greater Vancouver
Fraser River Paddlewheeler Excursion

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Scottish Register of Tartans - Canadian MacLeod Tartan

There are over 11,000 tartans registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans (and a couple of other “unofficial” registries). About 29 of those registered tartans contain the named MacLeod, although there are three main ones (MacLeod/Harris - #1583, Lewis - #1272, and Raasay-#1172).
On behalf of the Clan MacLeod Societies, Ian MacLeod has just designed and registered a new tartan called “Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada”, registered on December 15, 2014 under number11,191. Details are at….
Ian is gathering information on the process and costs of getting it woven and shipped, which he will circulate in the next week or two. In the meantime, Ian thought that fellow MacLeods (and even some others) would be interested in the newest addition to our tartan wardrobe.

Tartan Update January 25th 2015:
MacLeod Tartans-Summary-January 2015.pdf

I am a Past President (2004-2008) of the Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada.

With the support of, and input from, the Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada a new tartan called "Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada" (December 15, 2014, under #11191).
(CMSC), I have designed, and registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans (
Here is the rationale for the choice of colours:
1. The background is a large grid or base of red and white, being Canada's National colours (most notably in the Canadian "Maple Leaf" flag);
2. Another symbol of Canada is the maple leaf, and it's fall colours, mixing green, red and yellow. Those colours have been included;
3. The three main tartans of the Clan MacLeod are predominantly green/blue (Harris), black/yellow (Lewis) and black/red (Raasay). One set of crossing lines is black and yellow and the other set is green and blue, which, with the red background, pick up all those colours.
4. The tartan is intentionally bright - reflecting our outlooks as MacLeods and Canadians.
I am also coordinating have the tartan woven. A minimum order of 25 metres will have to be placed. At a 58" width, slightly under 4 metres would be needed for a kilt.
The "all in" price per metre (13 ounce weight) is Can$75.00, including shipping to you, and taxes.
As such, an outlay of Can$300.00 would get enough tartan for one kilt. You would then have to have it made into a kilt. Smaller orders, for sashes, women’s skirts, etc, can also be placed.
Once the order is placed, it would be up to 16 weeks for delivery of the tartan bolts to Canada. The bolts would then be cut to order, and those portions reshipped to the individual buyers, so perhaps another 4 weeks. If the order is placed by June 1, it should be home delivered by about November 1.
This would be a great addition to any other MacLeod tartans you have, or even a first time tartan. We will in all likelihood only do one run of weaving in the foreseeable future, so anyone wanting this new tartan would have to pace the order now.
I expect to place the order by about June 1. Please contact me (Past President Ian MacLeod) at, or Facebook message me, for further information before that date if you are interested in getting some of this new tartan.
p.s. I also attach a "MacLeod Tartans-Summary" document that I prepared and which describes the 29 registered and 3 unregistered MacLeod related tartans that I was able to find.

Friday, December 19, 2014

AGM November 2014

November 2nd~ AGM

Our AGM was held this year at the Burnaby Mountain Clubhouse | 7600 Halifax Street, Burnaby from Noon to 3 PM.  This meeting marked the 58th Annual General Meeting for the
Clan MacLeod Society of Greater Vancouver.

First on the agenda was the election of Officers and Directors, then….

 Neil told us about the 2014 Parliament and passed around photos of the attendees.  Sounded like everyone had a lot of fun at the varied and interesting events.  The great non traditional Highland weather enhanced everyone's enjoyment.  BC was well represented at Parliament by Neil and June McLeod, Judy Tipple, Dr. Don and Chris McLeod and their family.

  Ian entertained the Clan MacLeod members with a few anecdotes and a brief history of Canada’s Independence.  He also passed around 3 samples of the Clan MacLeod Tartan he designed (see separate item on the MacLeod Canada Tartan).

 Dr. Don McLeod gave an enthusiastic presentation for the North American Clan Gathering planned for July 2016 in Merritt.  Check out the website for all the details.

MacLeods of Germany are planning a 6 to 7 day Oktoberfest on the Baltic.  Check out the Clan MacLeod Germany website: There is an option to translate web pages to English.

Edie mentioned dues for 2015 are due January 1st and cheques received will be processed in the new year.  Edie will send out a reminder with membership forms in December for those who haven’t submitted a cheque.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Indian Arm Cruise September 6th

On Saturday September 6th, 25 Clan MacLeod members, friends and family boarded the Harbour Princess  at the foot of Denman for a cruise of the Vancouver Harbour and Indian Arm.  The day was spectacular - blue sky, cloudless, and warm - showing Vancouver off at its best.  We set off at 11:00 AM, enjoyed a buffet lunch at noon and awesome scenery everywhere we looked.  After sailing under
the Iron Workers' Memorial Bridge, we headed out to Indian Arm as far as Silver Falls, enjoying wilderness views so close to the city as well as places such as Deep Cove, Cates Park, and the Buntzen Lake Power Station, built in 1903.

A great day for socializing with clan and appreciating our beautiful city in full summer glory.  Thanks to John for capturing the day's memories with his photos.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Robbie Burns Luncheon January 19th 2014 Coverage

Address to a Haggis

Clan Activities

Celebrating Year of Horse with metal artist Heather Jones on display at Dr Sun Yat Sen Gardens. The horse is on the parade with us! 2014
Allan on Remembrance Day 2013
The NAG 2012 

Richmond Review Article featuring Todd (Mac)Wong

Two cultures collided for one big celebration at South Arm Community Centre’s first ever Gung Haggis Fat Choy event, last Friday.
Gung Haggis Fat Choy is the celebration of Robbie Burns Day and Chinese New Year.
“I think it is important to learn more about each other,” said Stella Au, the senior’s coordinator at South Arm Community Centre.
“I am so thrilled to do this here in Richmond,” she said.
The event was founded in 1998 by Todd Wong, who helped put on the event at South Arm.
Wong, along with Joe McDonald, played music, read poetry and spoke about Chinese and Scottish traditions.
“It [was] very engaging,” Au said.
Along with live music and stories, there was a dragon parade, haggis parade and the traditional Robbie Burns Day Address to a Haggis.
For lunch, there were lettuce wraps, which some guests put haggis in, chow mein, fried rice and fortune cookies for desert.
Gung Haggis Fat Choy was attended by a very diverse crowd of 70 people.
“I am very please that a good number of Chinese and English speakers came out,” Au said.
The event was conducted in English and translated into Mandarin.