Clan MacLeod of Greater Vancouver

Clan MacLeod of Greater Vancouver
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Friday, October 23, 2009

September 26th Clan Gathering on the Island

On the 26th of September, we had a very nice Clan MacLeod gathering on Vancouver Island at MacLeod's place on Islay street in Duncan. (where else?) The day started with the arrival of Neil R. and June and Judy Tipple. Dr Don and his daughter Skye arrived later on with their pipes. This turned out to be a beautiful day and although we had many displays etc inside the house, the clansmen chose to stay outside on our patio and then moved out into the sun around the fire pit. Neil R. had some Clan paraphernalia to offer and was well received and people did watch the pictures of Clan MacLeod activities that we had scrolling on the TV. Amongst some of our new members there was keen interest in genealogy and Catherine MacLeod Chapman had a wonderful family tree that harkens back to Stornoway. Sisters, Janet and Dorothy MacLeod from Victoria whom we have met at the games for years, ventured over the Malahat (a steep mountain highway) for the first time in years and on their return home had terrible car problems and had to be towed. Randy Stewart (and children Holly and Lachlan), who heads up the Stewart Clan on the Island joined us since he has MacLeod roots from Gesto, as well. He brought with him some of his museum which he takes to the Victoria Highland Games, it was very impressive as he always takes first prize for his Clan tent display. The fare was burgers and hot dogs which were expertly cooked by Shaun Lahay, accompanied by salads, dips and complimented by some beautiful smoked Salmon brought by Rick and Bev MacLeod from Bamfield. Karen and I recently discovered that fresh Haggis can be procured from one of our local butcher shops and it is very good. Dr Don piped while I proudly carried the Haggis in and then Roderick Beaton did an absolutely wonderful job of the address to the Haggis. There were some here who had not tasted the puddin afore and were suitably impressed. Now it was time for the cake which was donated by my dad Neil, decorated with the Harris tartan and was dispatched by Dr. Don's scalpel. At this point it was planned to have our friend Laurel Lahay (nee Beaton) do a power point presentation on genealogy but the pipes took precedent since some had to leave to catch ferries. We had Dr. Don and his daughter Skye, Heather, the daughter of Rick and Bev from Bamfield and our son Callum giving us a wee concert in our driveway. Skye, Heather and Callum are all close in age and competed against each other several years ago at different games. Also in attendance were John McLeod (a long time member) our daughter Kirstie, Frances (my mom) Roderick's wife Marny, Bobby Mawdsley, (Bob Tanner's daughter), Gerard, (Catherine's friend). And a neighbor, Alvin Wallace who was attracted by the pipes and who Dorothy and Janet had noticed riding by shirtless on his bicycle and a few minutes later came back properly attired with his Wallace tartan vest on. Many a picture was taken during the day, especially of the haggis, the cake and the piping and a good time was had by all.
After most had fled and few of us were left, we were treated to Laurel's genealogy presentation which was very interesting and more like a Sherlock Holmes mystery as she led us through her search to find her roots on her dad's side. The search took her to Scotland twice where she knocked on strangers doors many times until the mystery slowly unfolded through old pictures and conversations. There were many, many hours spent on the computer as well. Laurel did find her dad's birthplace and is very ecstatic about the results of her efforts and encourages any who would like to do as she has. Do it!
Hold Fast
Malcolm and Karen

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