Clan MacLeod of Greater Vancouver

Clan MacLeod of Greater Vancouver
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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Robbie Burns Dinner

Join Lord of the Isles and Clan MacLeod 
to celebrate Robbie Burns

Saturday January 18, 2020
Centennial Lodge in Queens Park  New Westminster  
Doors open at 6 PM
Tickets $45.00

Our event features an open bar, traditional Roast Beef buffet (including haggis) presented by Sugar Mountain Catering, a Toast to the Haggis, a Toast to the Immortal Memory, as well as a Toast and Response to the Lassies.  Once dinner is complete, there will be entertainment provided by Digby Scallops.  Tickets can be purchased in advance any time until capacity is reached.  Please contact for further information on how to purchase tickets.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Highland Games 2019

Highland Games 2019

Clan MacLeod President, Judy Tipple 

The Clan MacLeod Greater Vancouver Society represented their Clan at the Highland Games and had a very busy day with land many activities going on around them.

The event relocated from the stadium to the connecting Lafarge Lake Park and we enjoyed a perfect sunny day (no Scottish weather this time) there.  The exhibits were spread out over a wider area and the vantage point wasn't as good from our tent but we hadots of visitors with questions about the MacLeod Clan and children searching for the Haggis Critter.  

A wee piper celebrates his Scottish heritage.

Unfortunately the facilities were porta- potties!  No worries about signage.  

Robbie Burns 2019

Robbie Burns 2019

This year Clan MacLeod Greater Vancouver Society attended Robbie Burns Celebration help by Lords of the Isles (formerly Sons of Scotland) at the Centennial Lodge in Queen's Park New Westminster.  The venue was lovely, the food delicious, the toasts and addresses enlightening and humorous and the entertainment was first class.  Everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening.

Highland Games 2018

 Events 2018

Highland Games
Percy Perry Stadium Coquitlam
Saturday June 18th 2018

Several members of Clan MacLeod Greater Vancouver Society attended the 2018 Highland Games, proudly displaying our new banner, helping visitors with finding clans on our map and stamping the passports for the Haggis Critter Search for children (and some adults) and marching in the Clan parade.

There was lots to see and do at the Games, including Whiskey Tasting, Heavy Games Competitions, Shopping for Scottish items, Highland Dancing, Beer Gardens, British Cars, and the highlight of the Massed Bands to close the event.
There was even Scottish-Indian dancing.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Robbie Burns 2018

Clan MacLeod Society 
Events for 2018

28th Annual Robbie Burns Dinner (at mid-day)
 January 28 2018

Three generations keeping Robbie Burns' memory alive in Richmond

The MacLeod family, from grandfather to granddaughter, is doing its best to mark the birthday of the famous Scots poet

 Just like every other year, MacLeod will be centre stage at the annual, Clan MacLeod Society Robbie Burns Dinner, making the traditional speeches of the opening Address to the Haggis and The Immortal Memory to mark the birth of Scotland’s world famous poet.
But for the first time, on Sunday, Jan. 28 at Richmond Curling Club, he will be joined in the order of proceedings by his daughter, Melanie Bolton, 40, and granddaughter Tayler, 11, who will be doing a joint version of The Response to the Toast to the Lassies, a more off-the-cuff speech, usually at the end of the event.
Suffice to say, MacLeod will be a very proud father and grandfather on Sunday afternoon.
“This is the first time they’ve taken this role and, obviously, the first time we’ve all done it together, so it will be pretty special,” said MacLeod, director of the local Clan MacLeod society and the organization’s former, national president.
“It’s great to see younger people trying to keep the tradition going, but when they’re your family and are across three generations, it’s extra special. It gives me immense pride.”
For the uninitiated, Burns, an 18th century taxman-turned-poet, is one of Scotland’s most famous exports, most notably in global circles as the author of the New Year’s song Auld Lang Syne.
The only non-religious figures with more statues erected around the globe than Burns are Queen Victoria and Christopher Columbus.
And the work of Burns has influenced many a great human being, such as musician Bob Dylan, U.S. president Abraham Lincoln and author John Steinbeck.
Burns short, but colourful, 37 years of life on the planet are remembered around the world on or about Jan. 25, with Burns “Suppers,” “Dinners” or “Nights,” usually accompanied by recitals of Burns’ poetry, a ceremonial haggis (traditional Scots dish), highland dancing and the aforementioned addresses, such as the ones being performed by the MacLeods.
MacLeod – who is fifth-generation Canadian, but considers his heritage as “Highland Scottish – has twice attended the Clan MacLeod's world gathering on the Isle of Skye, held every four years, and his proud of his deep Gaelic and Cape Breton roots, although his Scottish parents met in Trinidad and Tobago.
He is, however, eager to encourage the younger generations to get involved, with an apparent decline worldwide in membership among Scottish historical organizations.
“All of the Scottish societies across Canada are having trouble getting people in,” said MacLeod.
“There has been resurgence in numbers off and on over the years, such as in the 1980s, when the movie Highlander came out, followed by a TV show of the same name. But it’s went down again.”
And the big question, do you eat haggis?
“No,” laughed MacLeod.

 “For two reasons: It’s not regularly available and it’s not something my wife would usually be interested in.”
/ Richmond News
January 24, 2018 12:00 PM

Entertainment by The Stave Fall Scottish Dancers 

This photo was in the local "Mission Record" newspaper last week of our Norm MacLeod.  The picture was on the cover of the newspaper with the following heading.  

"Mission Assistant Fire Chief Norm MacLeod delivers the "Address to the Haggis" during the 10th annual Robbie Burns Supper and Dance on Saturday.  The event, hosted by the Mission chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society, was held at Chartwell Cedarbrooke (Seniors' Residence) in memory of the late Jimmy Logan, former president of the society."

The paper used only the right half of the picture, just of Norm without the piper on the newspaper cover.   Note the picture courtesy of Bob Friesen of the "Mission Record."

More News Coverage for Clan MacLeod:
The Richmond News had a photographer at the first part of our Burns dinner on Sunday.  We got a full page of coverage (page A29)!
Attached is a scan of that page.

Likewise, if any of you want a clearer digital cope of any of those pictures and you can't download them from the above link, I have the photographer's digital files and can forward the desired pictures to you.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Clan MacLeod Society of Greater Vancouver

Clan MacLeod Society

Of Greater Vancouver
~ Established 1956 ~
Hold Fast and Shine Brightly

Monday, December 4, 2017

Events 2017

 Events for 2017

Highland games 2017

The Highland Games were a great success this year.  NO RAIN!!!
This year Judy Tipple and Edie Kernighan attended the Friday evening reception and enjoyed appetizers, wine, beer and locally made Piggy’s Chocolate Truffles.  Nice way to put some email names to faces and establish connections.
On Saturday morning, Mark MacLeod, Alison Loveless, Allan MacLeod, Edie and Judy arrived early to set up our new tent.  Everything needed for easy set up was with us and the new red tent was a breeze to erect with someone at each corner.  We had several clan members, out to help set up, answer questions, give stickers to kids for the Haggis Hunt, walk in the parade and enjoy the ambience. 
Lachlan and Emma McLeod along with Christine Dooley helped in the set up and arrangement of the display materials. Jean McLeod, Neil and June McLeod also helped out, chatting with some interesting visitors. Much appreciated. I thank Cathy (June's daughter) for taking this photo during the Parade of the Clans. It does show that the usual members are gaining in age and agility. Maddy (June's grand daughter) is a welcome youthful relief in the line up.

The Haggis Hunt with stickers for the young folk was a novel way of bringing young people, along with their parents, to the tent.
Judy also talked to a few people that may be interested in membership. 

Clan MacLeod members of Greater Vancouver participate in the opening ceremonies by walking in the parade.  No umbrellas or wet suits this year - lots of things to do and see to celebrate our Scottish heritage.  

President’s Report

by Judy Tipple,president CMSCGreetings to all Clan MacLeod members and
readers of The Leod Voice. What seems to have been
a long, dark and wet winter is finally abating and the
    sun is warming the earth and encouraging growth
and blossoms. Surrounded by flowering trees andbursting Highland Red rhododendron bushes, I
welcome spring with the sound of hummingbirds,
woodpeckers and bees.
Two events have been foremost on my mind
over the past months: attending the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies
meeting in February via Skype and then in April, seeing the launch of the

revised CMSC website. Both were fascinating activities for me.

Interesting Reading
by Ken MacLeod, (CMS Van Island)

Betty Annand is a remarkable lady and a very dear friend. She has

written numerous plays for the Evergreen Seniors Drama Club, some
 which were awarded first prize in previous BC Summer Games. She
 just released her first novel, The Girl from Old Nichol, about a girl,
Gladys, who grows up in the slums of London and eventually ends up in
the Dover area. I edited the first 20 odd chapters for her.
She has also written three community books, included Voices of

Courtenay Past, where she interviewed over 90 pioneer families in the

Comox Valley.
Annand’s tale is filled with humour and historical interest. She brings
her characters to life through their animated personalities and engaging
dialogue. The Girl From Old Nichol has received excellent reviews from

Good Reads and, once started, is hard to put down.

Robbie Burns Entertainment   

January 29th 2017 ~ Robbie Burns 

Good News!  The Richmond Curling Club has rearranged their schedule to accommodate Clan MacLeod for our Annual Burns Dinner at Midday.   Details as follows;

Date:  January 29 2017
Time:  11:30am to 3pm
 Place:  Richmond Curling Club 
           5540 Hollybridge Way 
              Richmond BC V7C 4N3

Price:  Adults - $37.50
Ages 6 to 12 $20
under 6 - free 
Prepayment required by Jan. 15/17


Tossed Green Salad
Great Chiefton o’the Pudding Race
Baron o’Beef au Bree (Gravy)
Champit Tatties wi’ Bashed Neeps
Hot Mixed Vegetables
Pickles, Olives an’ Rolls
Assorted Sweeties
Coffee an’ Tea

Entertainment by The Stave Fall Scottish Dancers 

Please confirm by email if you plan to attend and how many people as soon as possible for preliminary numbers. To hold your place, please send a cheque or money order by January 15th to Clan MacLeod c/o 855 Grover Avenue Coquitlam BC V3J 3E4.  Reservations are only guaranteed if payment is received by January 15th.

This event is special to Clan MacLeod.  Please help us with planning by responding to let us know if you plan to attend.  Remember to check with your friends and family.